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Virtual Clinics

The team offer a virtual clinic to all GP practices in Lambeth.

Virtual clinics support practices to deliver improved outcomes for patients with multiple long term conditions who are experiencing periods of exacerbations or set backs and support personalised care.

A virtual clinic is suitable for discussing any patient for whom GPs may require advice or additional input in their treatment or management, but not necessarily a direct referral to secondary care/community service. It involves a case discussion between the specialist(s) and the primary care clinicians, conducted at the GP practice and usually centred on a specific caseload, identified through EMIS searches or other means. It is equivalent to holding a clinic with patients present and we regard it as a clinical session, not just a meeting.

People identified as having the greatest risks and needs should be prioritised for a virtual clinic which either includes the person and carer OR seeks their views and goals in advance and considers the plan with the person afterwards.

The main component of virtual clinics is case discussions with the aim of improving outcomes for those patients discussed. The focus should therefore be on reviewing patients with a view to optimising high value care. The aim is to focus on key areas affecting the patient, whilst at the same time ensuring a holistic evidence-based discussion.

The virtual clinics are also an opportunity for the whole practice team to attend for teaching and learning. Practices are expected to apply this learning to the rest of the applicable practice population as the virtual clinic will only cover a sample of patients.

To find out more about this years virtual clinics, practices can access the virtual clinic guide and the diabetes virtual clinic summary forms from the Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group intranet -

To book a virtual clinic date, please contact Rachael O'Reilly on